Rwany Sibaja

1st year Ph.D. & T.A. with a concentration in modern Latin America (minor=Modern Britain and New Media.) Issues of cultural, social, and national identity in Argentina will be the focus of my dissertation–using soccer to explore questions about what it means to be Argentinean in moments of crisis, and the political uses/implications involved (c. military Junta of 1975-1983.) At UNC-Greensboro, my final research centered on hooliganism in English football, and how the media and state authority fed hooliganism. With New Media, I hope to explore the role of digital history in maximizing student learning, which could inform best instructional practices.

I live in Oakton with my wife and 2 small children (ages 5 & 3), moving from North Carolina. Born in New Jersey, I lived most of my life in Los Angeles, Miami, and Costa Rica–where my parents immigrated from. I also lived in London for a semester as an undergrad at Elon Univ., and traveled to Panama, India, Western Europe and the US V.I. (and look forward to field research in Buenos Aires.) Professionally, I taught Spanish, World & European History for 9 years, read AP Euro exams each summer for the College Board, and served for 2 years as the K-12 Social Studies Program Director in Winston-Salem. Interests include: drawing, art, travel, movies, playing/coaching soccer, service through church and other opportunities, and childhood trips down memory lane with my kids (comic books, Star Wars, checking out library books, etc.)

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  1. aodiorne says:

    On December 3-5, 2009, Toronto’s York University hosted an international conference“Global Football: History, Gender and Nation”. Unfortunately the conference program does not include abstracts, but it’s still an interesting (and quick) read for anyone interested in football scholarship.

    • rsibaja says:

      Thanks, I’ll have to delve a bit and see if I can find some specific information that might be helpful from that conference.