Jenny Lapple

My name is Jenny Lapple and I am currently working on my Doctorate of Arts in Community College Education. My background is in music performance on flute with degrees from Miami University in Oxford, OH and Yale University in New Haven, CT.  In addition to my studies, I play in several ensembles including a new music ensemble called FUSE, The Pan American Symphony in Washington D.C., and The American Pops Orchestra here at Mason.  My work as an adjunct in the flute studio here at Mason has afforded me the opportunity to put into practice much of what I have learned in the Higher Education program as combined with my background as a performer.  My plans are to pursue a career in music education at the university level. 

 Additionally, I am a strong advocate of music wellness and currently in the process of putting programs and workshops together to assist musicians in maintaining healthy and sustained musical experiences.  Some workshops and seminars I have recently presented include: “Music and the Brain: Experiencing Synesthesia”, “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: Unleash the Power of Music within You!”, “How to Think like Leonardo Da Vinci: Teaching through Curiousity, Sensory Experience, and Interconnectedness”, and “A Whole New Mind: Teaching through Design, Story, and Symphony.” These interactive workshops would benefit greatly from the authenticity and emotional intrigue of digital storytelling. 

 I live in Reston, VA with my fiancé, Graham, and we are looking forward to planning our wedding and life together.

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