Rebecca Fachner

Hi class, my name is Rebecca Fachner.  I am currently getting an MA in Applied History at George Mason and I am very happy to be back in academia after many years in the real world. After spending several years in the real world, I have determined that it is vastly overrated.  I have been interested in history forever, I can remember being about 6 years old and asking my dad what a world war was.  I find history endlessly fascinating and while I will read about many different eras, the Second World War is the area that I keep returning to.  My research interests, therefore, are the Second World War, specifically the Nazi’s rise to power, the Eastern front and the Holocaust.  After my MA, I plan to pursue yet more schooling, definitely a PhD and possibly a more focused masters degree before that.  The reason that I am getting my first masters in Applied History is because it offers the opportunity to engage the public and I firmly believe new media will be a great tool for education and public involvement in the future.

I just moved back to the DC area after living in San Francisco for 3 years, which I absolutely loved and miss very much (particularly during the winter!). Before that I was in DC for a few years, Boston for college and I grew up in Connecticut.  When I am not studying, I have a part time job at a non-profit, I volunteer at the Holocaust Museum and I am going to start giving tours of DC when the weather gets warmer.  I’ve given tours while in San Francisco and it’s a lot of fun, a great chance to share history with the public.  In my spare time, when there is such a thing, I enjoy reading, running, knitting, watching Red Sox baseball, and hope to start playing in a local symphonic band.

Also, the adorable dog in the picture with me is named Mac.

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  1. cwarburton says:

    Cool! So glad to have you in class again Rebecca after Russian History. I’m so glad you posted pictures of your dog. He’s so cute!

  2. dcook6 says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    How good of a knitter are you? I’ve made a scarf, and some things that eventually turned into…coasters (not by choice). Odds are, you’re much better than I am. My grandmother was an adamant crocheter. When I was little, all of my barbie dolls had crocheted outfits thanks to my Grandma. Very 70′s. So, I can crochet, but it’s not quite as cool as knitting. My friend Lisa, who is in the MA of Art History program with me, is a good knitter. She keeps talking about getting together a knitting group, just for fun. If it happens, I’ll let you know!