C Warburton

Hi everyone!

My name’s Carrie Warburton. I’m currently getting my MA in history. I have my bachelor’s from Northwestern University in history and journalism. I ¬†also have an MA in technical education and a JD. My friends accuse me of being addicted to school. They’re probably right.

I moved to Fairfax from Akron, Ohio this summer and am definitely enjoying the DC Metro area–particularly the museums and milder winters, though I miss adroit snow-handling and the lighter traffic.

I became interested in history pretty early on in life. Both my parents were history majors in college. My mom loves the Civil War so by the time I was 14 I had visited Antietam 3 times! My dad’s a big World War II buff

so issues of war and their outcomes were consistent discussions at the dinner table that nurtured my interest in history.

Eventually I would like to teach history though I could easily see myself doing curriculum design, particularly using new media. I was inspired by ¬†watching Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today” that many of you have probably seen on Youtube. This brings me to Digit

al Storytelling. As I said in class, I think the innovations happening in the digital world are very exciting, and it’s always fun to be in a developing field.

Apart from school, I enjoy painting and drawing (I’m taking a drawing class this semester to relax), running and yoga. I also like to travel. I recently journeyed to India over Christmas break for two weeks and I really miss the Nan and the Chai. I suggest we take chai breaks in the middle of class.

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