Danielle Cook

Hi, my name is Danielle Cook and I am working on my MA in Art History. I attended University of Maryland, College Park for my undergrad and received a BA in Fine Arts/Art Education. I began working as an Elementary Art teacher after college, and by many unforeseen twists and turns, now work full time in the IT department of a development lab as an Operations Manager. Let me point out that I am not technical by any means.

After many attempts at trying to make myself register for a MBA or IT Management program, I kept finding myself back in the Arts section of the course catalog. I really missed the arts, and being creative, and the energy that comes from talking with other creative people. And so, I called my husband and told him I was enrolling in the MA of Art History program at GMU. He knows me well enough not to ask how I plan to use the degree. I know myself well enough to understand I never end up where I think I’m going. Originally, I was hoping my next career would be Indiana Jones. Now I’m thinking something more along the lines of Dr. Robert Langdon because I would like for people to whisk me off to Europe on exciting quests. It could happen…

When I’m not at work or school, I volunteer with a local animal rescue group fostering dogs and finding them adoptive homes. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, swimming, going to the gym, and traveling. The included photo is my husband and me in Rome from our summer 2009 trip to Italy. I live in Vienna with my husband and our two dogs. We are expecting our first child in July, so I’ll be the one in class expanding.

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