Giny Cheong

I feel like I’ve been at George Mason forever since getting my MA and continuing into the PhD program in American History. My interests lie in twentieth century history of science, technology, and the environment with a cultural/visual media focus on these topics. For my dissertation, I would like to analyze several NASA science missions for their impact on the general public… “impact” being a bucket term for looking at the images released and their meanings, the dissemination and public understanding of science, and other themes that will emerge in the dissertation prospectus I’m supposed to be writing this semester.

If you look me up on social networking sites, you may find that I dislike pictures and tend to put up images of my two cats… so other random details include that I adore kitties, spend far too much time on the computer, actually have played World of Warcraft despite being of the feminine persuasion, nicknamed McDonalds as the “place of food evil” and Starbucks as the “crack house”…

Category: W2: Bio
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