Tina Goodwin

We pick up our story two years ago after a conversation with a good friend about this great program out of GMU that incorporates History and New Media.  I had been contemplating getting back into school to pursue a degree that would (hopefully) lead to a PhD. in Cultural and Media Studies. The daunting thing,  I was not a History major.  I was an English major and how we approach, think, write and breathe is vastly different from historians.  It is a daily struggle to think more in terms of a historian rather than a breezy, hippie English major.

My interest in culture and media started with the best babysitter I ever had- the t.v.  Television was present in how I did homework, school projects, and when I practiced my trumpet or french horn. I could tell you the t.v. schedules for every night of the week from 1983 through 1991. From the first guitar chords of  MTV  in August of 1981 and the world premiere of “Thriller” to the assassination attempt on President Reagan, the Challenger disaster and 9/11 my t.v. has always been on.  When I was not watching the t.v. I was in a movie theater or playing music at your local theme park, community band or small orchestra. 

I have always been aware of and interested in how these things inform our world and who we are and how we interpret them. I am excited to engage in the study of History through digital storytelling to further examine and think about these connections.

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  1. dcook6 says:

    Hi Tina,
    That’s funny, I had the same babysitter. I think I saw every summertime airing of The Price is Right between the ages of seven and seventeen. I’m still a fan of Bob Barker and haven’t adjusted to Drew Carey. I also know way too much about the Hortons’ and the Bradys’ from Days of Our Lives, due to my eighteen year old babysitter’s obsession with the soap opera. As for going to the movies, we had a movie theatre in walking distance from my house where I remember seeing E.T. and Back to the Future. Several years ago it was converted into a church. When giving directions, most people in my hometown neighborhood now refer to the structure as “Cinema of Christ” because mentally, it’s still our town movie theatre.

    Nice to meet you!