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  1. lparks says:

    These are fantastic images. I love how you show the evolution of civil rights protest, and the interplay between gender and race. I especially like the image of the two women; it seems to really embody the spirit of the women’s rights movement as it was affected by the Black Power movement in the 1970s.

  2. rfachner says:

    These are great images on their own, but when you put them together in a linear format they really pop and make a profound statement. I liked this story because I had to look through it more than once to take in the gravity of the images, and because there’s not a direct and immediate storyline, the pictures force the audience to think about the message. I also was especially drawn to the fourth photo, its an incredibly well orchestrated image that is designed for a specific effect and it hits its mark. It demonstrates the solidarity of the womens movement, but at the same time underscores the essential truth that women of color had and have a different experience regarding feminism than white women do.