Five Photos.

The Haircut 1

The Haircut 2

The Haircut 3

The Haircut 4

The Haircut 5

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4 Responses
  1. sdouglass says:

    Tad, did you really sacrifice your hair for this story?! All I did was shovel my driveway–and had to do it again today.

  2. Tad says:

    I did, in fact. I do it almost every summer, anyway, so it was a relatively minor sacrifice. It’s actually a rather cathartic process.

  3. cwarburton says:

    I like your story a lot. I especially like how you essentially have the same expression on your face in the first and last picture. Kind of bookends it and helps you to see the contrast between the before and after.

  4. rfachner says:

    I really liked this story, its simple and to the point. It tells a linear story, and is humorous at the same time. The expressions on your face are great and the fact that you actually sacrificed your hair for the story makes it even better.