Friday Study Hall, 2:45 pm: Education Classes Never Mention This Part

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  1. jlapple says:

    I like the different perspectives in the story. The feet/legs in the pictures is of particular interest in that they allude to the “behind the scenes” activities that take place during after hours. I thought the second picture could have been presented in a similar fashion to continue with the theme. Otherwise, I thought it was a clever presentation of this type of activity.

  2. lparks says:

    I didn’t even realize that the feet/legs are a theme, but you’re totally right. I wish I’d had another one to put in there. I was choosing between about ten different pictures, and four of the ones I happened to like the best were of the feet and legs. I was also just trying to take pictures where their faces weren’t showing, so I didn’t have to worry about the legal issues of putting pictures of my students on a website.