Pilgrimage to the Ganges

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  1. cwarburton says:

    I find this story so interesting because over winter break I visited Maharashtra India and contemplated putting five of my photos from that trip up. I’m assuming if this was at the Ganges you were at or near Calcutta? India is such a fabulous subject for photo essays with all the colors and the contrasts that exist there. I think your compilation reflects a real diversity of sights in India while capturing its colorful essence, from the transportation to the people to the side of the river. There’s so much in India to take pictures of and you provide a glance of one area from different angles. Your pictures tell a story of India with a lot of variety.

  2. rsibaja says:

    Actually, I was up at Varanasi back in 2007. I cheated a little because a few pictures were from a sunset trip to the Ganges, and a few others were from the sunrise trip back to the river the next day.
    Thanks for the kind words

  3. jhubai says:

    Not only are these aesthically great images but it gives me the feeling of being there. They are so alive and so vivid.