Daily Paintings by Joan Marie Giampa

This was fun….

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2 Responses
  1. sdouglass says:

    Beautiful paintings, and I wonder if you mean by “daily” that you do one of these every day? The forms are arresting, and your assembly in the short video is nice and simple. (plus your link worked right away, unlike mine!

  2. jgiampa says:

    Thank you. Yes these painting were all created in one day. The phenomenon is actually one that began on the internet in 2004 by a painter named Duane Keiser and http://www.usatoday.com/tech/webguide/internetlife/2006-08-22-blogger-artists_x.htm he has an article written about him in USA Today.

    I tried to do the blog for 6 months and post my paintings daily and then sell them on ebay. Unfortunately, I did not stick with it long enough or just got burned out like most of the daily painters. It was a good skills builder and helped me to get to my “real work” in the studio. Most often I only would spend 2-3 hours on a painting. What is interesting is the mango painting only took an hour and it sold for $80.00. It was the best in the series and I wish that I didn’t sell it.