National History Day 2009

On the theme of teaching and learning, I chose to compose a short Animoto film on National History Day.  I wanted to capture the experience of young students researching and collaborating with classmates on a history project.  My approach was similar to my approach for the ‘story in 5 photos’ – in fact, this is really more of a story in 10 photos.  Perhaps I should have made more use of the text frames as my classmates have.  However, I just hoped that the photos would do the talking for me.

I wasn’t pleased with the Animoto interface.  It seems rather limiting.  That by itself might not be a problem, but it is also rather slow.  Each time I tried to change my video, it would take around 15 minutes to reload.

Without further ado, here is National History Day 2009.

Category: W5: Animoto
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  1. dcook6 says:

    I agree that the Animoto interface is limiting. I wish there was a ‘preview’ option so you can edit your movie without having to remake it each time if something doesn’t work. I found this to be very time consuming since it meant having to go back and redo the entire sequence from start. Perhaps if my expectations for my end product was lower, I would have been finished sooner, but Animoto is a bit of a demon for people with a perfectionist streak. Despite these annoyances, I really enjoyed watching everyone’s movies, including National History Day 2009.