Not to beat a dead horse with a stick…

I wanted to use some different photos from the ones I used for the 5 pics, but…snow, Valentine’s and family sickness all made time precious this last week. Everyone probably feels that their submissions were somewhat thrown together quickly, that even with a simple tool like Animoto we probably haven’t even touched the surface of what we could do.

I previously developed a photographic exercise with 9th grade world history students in Chapel Hill, NC-where I asked them to imagine themselves as traveling to India and writing a journal. I would speak as their tour guide, offering facts and no opinions. For 90-100 minutes, they “traveled” and we then broke into group discussion as they “de-briefed” and shared their insight. This Animoto video asks questions that either I asked as an instructor, or students asked each other. In the end, the point of the exercise was to gain a better sense of personal identity through a glimpse into a foreign, perhaps exotic, culture.

Animoto video: How do you see yourself?

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  1. lparks says:

    I thought this was a very engaging video, and I really appreciated how the photos seemed very real and organic, not stock images from a tourism website. Last year I taught 8th grade World Geography and this is definitely something I would have used in class. You suceeded in your objective to make it a tool to use to introduce students to a culture and to serve as a jumping off point for class discussion. Even just watching it casually myself, it made me want to take the time to think more about the questions you raise. I especially liked the tourist v. traveler question you bring up. I’ve spent my entire life living in tourist destinations, so that’s a label I have always hated to use to describe myself, but thinking of what it means to be a traveler really brings a different perspective to the issue.