Cultivate Curiosity

I really enjoyed this process.  I’ve spent a few days experimenting with the different options and  found it to be a useful tool for exploring the early stages of digital storytelling.  At this point, I am eager to find out how to change the pacing/images, etc to create an even more personalized story. 

I did a piece on the cultivation of curiosity.  I feel this to be the strongest component of teaching and learning.  If we are taught to experience life through a lens of curiosity and carry this into the classroom, we could create an atmosphere of continuous exploration and learning.

Cultivate Curiosity

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2 Responses
  1. rsibaja says:

    The marriage between music and images was well done, and each text individually addressed creativity through eye-catching reflections. If you see yourself (perhaps) using it down the road with educators, I would suggest two ways to strengthen the video’s intent.

    One, is to connect the cultivation of curiosity to specific learning standards, or higher order skills. In other words, move beyond inspiring teachers to making a compelling reason for why they must continue to evolve their curriculum and incorporate curiosity. It’s a shame that we suck this out of kids from their earliest grades in school. There is a direct correlation between the test-standards-assessment culture that kicks into full gear by 3rd grade, and the gap that emerges between American and foreign schools at about the same time. Then, suddenly, Americans catch-up in college, where we are asked to think anew, to think…creatively!

    The second issue is kind of related to this last point. Once a video like yours is shown to a group of teachers or administrators, and the lights come back on, what permanence will this video have? How will it create discussion? And how can you start this conversation through the video’s concluding slides or accompanying materials? You have a wonderful video that could really drive your point home with just a minimum of touches to it.

  2. lparks says:

    I enjoyed this movie a lot. I think you had a really good mix of text and photos, and the images really fit with the ideas you were trying to get across. I really like how the captions were actually suggestions about how you should look at and interpret the photos, and they made me think about them in ways I might not have before. But, the words were able to do this without taking away my creativity and imagination in viewing the images, which I think is a hard balance to achieve. I think more text would have really taken away from this.