Realizing Dreams

I was originally going to make a digital story in response to Wesch’s “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” but I have not mastered the art of telling a complex story in a simple way. I am glad I decided not to because after doing the Animoto story I realized it would not have worked well. First lesson, know your technology before deciding to use it to write your story. I also wanted to try to weave my personal story with a bit of information about speedskating, as I will try to weave my personal story into the final project. I agree with others posting that they found Animoto limiting but I think it was a great lesson in composition, storytelling and technology. It gives an appreciation for storyboarding.

Our readings this week discussed much about the personal on the internet. It can create a place for positive efforts. But it worries me that more people spend time with s computer and video camera and not with actual people. Communication is difficult as it is and I wonder how all this internet stuff will affect people’s ability to communicate.

Another lesson that I learned from this exercise is the power of the written word when accompanied by a photograph. It is really hard to tell a compelling story with just photographs. It is possible but it takes a lot of time and planning. I think this fits in with our readings in that, even though education is moving towards the digital, writing skills are still extremely important. Perhaps some traditional forms of education are important to integrate in new teaching methods.

The most interesting thing to me about this project (not necessarily the most important thing) was how I made sure to include all my speedskating FB friends so I could share my video with them. Facebook had an effect on my art! I would have liked to teach more about speedskating but given the limitations of Animoto and my personal story background, it just did not fit in. I wanted to show people that dreams matter, it is not too late to achieve them and even if you do not get exactly your dream (being in the Olympics) you can have your dream in a different way (skating and coaching at the local level).

One other thing, I experiemented with repeating an image in my story. I had commented on the use of repeated images in the digital story I posted about Palestine. I think it can work but I wasn’t sure about it. In this weeks readings, cognition vs. recongnition was discussed. Since most people have no clue who my speedskating idol is, I thought repeating his picture at the end would remind people why he was important and complete the story nicely.

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8 Responses
  1. Chris King says:

    Janine — this is not so much a comment as a plea to fix the link to your story. I’m dying to know who tops your list of speedskaters!

  2. jhubai says:

    Well that’s a drag. It works for me. I am not sure I know how to post it like everyone else but I will try to figure it out. As for the skaters I picked, I included my favorites, ones that are popular and my personal friends.

  3. jhubai says:

    I think it should work now. It would not work any other way. Thank you for letting me know and please let me know if you can’t view it.

  4. jjanes says:

    It worked for me! I liked the way you incorporated personal experience into the story.

  5. tgoodwin says:

    This is a great video and a great exercise that combine your thoughts about learning and communication with your personal dreams. I think while I understand your position of communiation and the trend of disconnecting, this video – and Animoto- can create an opportuinty to push learning and communication farther than before. With “traditional” learning with are limited to space, time and geography. Globalization and the advancements in communciatons the impace that one can have extends far beyond a classroom of 20 people.

    Great job!

    • jhubai says:

      Thank you! I do see the point of where you are coming from. I guess all things that deal with humanity, it has both its good and bad points. I think the good far outweigh the bad. I sent this to speedskating friends all over America so I was able to get the message out there that appreciate my time with them. I posted it on FB and had friends comment that they always wanted to speedskate. Now I am thinking the club I skated with needs to post a PR video on their website. I wish my computer was like Star Trek because I feel this whole typing and mouse thing is a bit antiquated! But it still scares me a little. It is like that Carl Sagan quote about the dot of earth or Brave New World! Loud noises going off while babies try to touch roses! Seriously, it is like the YouTube video of the guy giving out free hugs. I hope we don’t lose the value of human contact.