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Anyone else having issues with Animoto? It seems to eat my creations by never coming out of the processing, analyzing, and rendering page. I tried twice… :(

Ok, apparently it takes forever to get the videos done. Like more than an hour each. So if you hit the edit button wrong… you have to wait some more…

Updates pending…

Ambrosia Remix

DST allows a more visual teaching opportunity in this case, which I cobbled together after my first attempt rendered for too long that it seemed lost. Revisions still pending because my “story” seems too literal and less allegorical… but wanted to get something up before the deadline since it takes at least an hour for me to render each revision. :(

If you’re curious, here’s what I was constructing for my first attempt (which doesn’t have the text yet).

Experiment Incomplete

The biggest problem I had seemed to be the lack of control. I couldn’t reorder the images and had to use additional software/hacks/websites to get video clips that I wanted from YouTube. When I finished rendering, I found the result to be a total surprise with the funky transitions and appearances. In addition, I found it difficult to create a coherent story without planning every little detail because of the inflexibilities within Animoto. The result perhaps seems too straightforward and simple than something truly interesting…

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  1. Chris King says:

    Giny – I see what you mean about being too literal with your posted film. That said, it’s a perfect training video! If you want a job as a corporate trainer/instructional designer, let me know! The process-oriented approach was perfectly complimented by your action photos. The step-by-step story is a great fit for this medium. Heck, this could be a Starbuck’s training video! Your text worked well, too, including my laugh-out-loud moment (“worship the technology”) is still making me smile. Excellent work, especially for a “cobbled together” product.

    I’d like to see your final version on the NASA piece. I liked all of the video, but I’m sure that’s what was taking so long on the rendering. Take a look at the open source Avidemux editing tool. Shaving down some of those NASA videos into smaller chunks might help with the rendering time.