The Colosseum

Using Animoto is a great lesson in simplifying one’s filmmaking aspirations. I started by making a ‘test’ movie just so I understood how Animoto worked and what the end product would look like. Using the photos from my Story In 5 Photos, I created a surprisingly comical movie of my dogs eating. It was mostly comical because I wasn’t expecting the ‘polishing’ results of Animoto. With this first movie under my belt, I was excited to create my two minute short.

I thought it would be fun to do an educational movie on a piece of art or architecture. While making my test movie, I noticed a short video clip of the Colosseum, and wanted to try experimenting with the addition of video within my images. After gathering all my images and educational facts on the Colosseum, I sat down to begin creating my two minute movie. Immediately I was hit with the limitations of Animoto, particularly the text limitation. I had to modify my original ideas of the text I wanted to include to meet the restricted character limits. I also quickly realized the length of the movie and the speed of the images are dependent on the music choice. As for transitions, it seems to be randomly generated, and not a creative choice the movie maker can impart.

Overall, Animoto is a fun program for making basic movies. I think I could probably improve on the quality of my future movies now that I understand the limitations of the program. I would rely less on the need for text, and more on the need for strong, linear imagery. This exercise helped me to refocus my expectations for my final project, and think more about the visual components that will be necessary.

Please enjoy my movie on the Colosseum by clicking here.

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4 Responses
  1. rfachner says:

    Hey, not sure if its my computer, but the link to the story isn’t showing up! Really looking forward to seeing your video about the Colosseum, one of my favorite things in Rome.

  2. cwarburton says:

    Danielle– I loved this video because it showed me how effective storytelling can be when you focus on just one subject. The emotional aspect really came through. I liked your choice of music and the alliteration of your text. And you summed up the Colosseum nicely with a time-lapse shot. Very engaging.

  3. Chris King says:

    Danielle – first, the choice of music was key and absolutely spot-on! That was the perfect piece for your film! You made great use of historical images (both actual and Hollywood) to illustrate the activities at the Colosseum. I agree with Carrie that the time-lapse shot at the end was an effective capstone, show how the structure remains the same as time slips by. My only complaint is with the link script you chose from Animoto – since you selected the large size frame, your pictures and even the text was pixilated and blurry. But that’s easily remedied. Nice work (and it looks like you guys had a good trip to Rome!).

  4. rfachner says:

    Danielle – I don’t think you could have picked a better music choice to go with a video about the Colosseum, it was fantastic! I really liked the way you wove different elements into the story: history, architecture, emotion, Hollywood and your own personal story of your vacation. The elements would have worked well on their own, but combined told a really coherent story. Especially adding in your own pictures from your vacation, it made the Colosseum seem accessible and fun, rather than simply historical and imposing. Great film exploring a rich topic.

    ps. Love the shout out to Gladiator!