“Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: Unleash the Power of Music Within You!”

“Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: Unleash the Power of Music Within You!”

My idea pitch is grounded in the following questions:  (1) How can music students create more fulfilling performance experiences; (2) In what ways can teachers renew students’ passion for music; and, (3) How can students reach performance states of profound creativity and total freedom.  To answer these questions, my exploration will begin with the lives of music students and whether or not they are on paths to becoming budding artists, or expert students.  A snapshot of the day-to-day lives of music students will reveal how their habits, attitudes, and methods of preparation are positively or negatively affecting their performance experiences, and ultimately their capabilities as artists.  This part of the exploration will highlight the various performance preparation strategies students are currently using and possible disconnects between preparation and the actual performance.  Live video footage of students in practice rooms, performances, master classes, lessons, and rehearsals will comprise the visual component of this part of the story.  A voice-over analysis will provide an overall impression of daily lives of music students.  Quotes from students in reference to their experiences will also be included in this portion for a more authentic feel. 

The second piece will showcase a revolutionary method for engaging students in the performance experience. Referred to as “multisensory music-making,” musicians experience music through a variety of sensory modalities, including visual imagery, aural stimuli, emotional engagement, and cognitive assessment.  Through the art of multisensory music-making, students will learn to cultivate the skills for creating fulfilling performance experiences.  Live video footage will feature student demonstrations of the multisensory approach, as well as interviews with teachers, students, and audience members discussing the effectiveness of the approach with regard to creating enriching performances and its implications for teaching and learning.    

Through this approach, students will learn how to think beyond the notes on the page to the music in their hearts.  They will cultivate the skills for performance preparation that affords them a musically fulfilling experience. 

The educational implications for this approach will urge teachers to think and rethink the ways in which they are preparing students for careers in music. Are students in training to become expert students, or budding artists?  How can multisensory music-making help students understand music at deeper levels, connect with the audience on emotional levels, and venture beyond the walls of the institution to the concert halls of life.

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2 Responses
  1. dcook6 says:

    This sounds like a very interesting topic! Are you imagining your audience to be other educators? It seems like you could also do a similar DST geared towards students and helping them to feel comfortable following their own creativity instead of playing it safe and being expert students. Either way, it sounds like you have a lot of information to fit into your DST. It will be interesting to see how you transition between the different pieces.

  2. rfachner says:

    Looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into it, particularly since we work-shopped ideas last week. It seems like this topic is really something you are passionate about, and I think that will translate into your video in a really awesome way.