Five Card Nancy…

The picture-sorting exercise we did in class reminded me of a game created by the cartoonist Scott McCloud, best known for his book Understanding Comics.

The game is called Five Card Nancy. It’s a cooperative storytelling game similar to what we were doing in class today with the five photo assignments, but in a more game-y and less classroom-y way, and using panels from Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy.

(I’ve personally found that panels from Archie comics work well too.)

To give you some idea, Dave White at 741.5 Comics has put together a little PERL script to create a solitaire version. Takes away some of the fun of vetoing other player’s narrative moves, but it’s still pretty neat.

…Just something I thought y’all might have fun playing with.

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  1. jjanes says:

    I just spent way to much time playing around with the solitaire version…