So what is the story?  The question today is more what is the new software and how is going to get me where I want to go without too much interruption.  The site  ( that has the 70 latest Web 2.0 tools seems to be the most fitting for this question.

As a multimedia instructor, this site is very handy and yet frustrating because as always there is too much information and too much to choose from.  How  does one sort out all the fluff from the stuff that one needs to  get the job done?  Speaking of which, what is the job anymore?   There are so many sophisticated ways of producing special effects now that interactivity is redefined daily.   Where is the baby and who spilled the proverbial bath water.

All the selection and non stop development of tools is frustrating to someone who likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated.  Perhaps it is a sign of my generation or perhaps I am way tired of information overload.  This is one reason I do not teach software based courses anymore.  The amount of learning to learn the tools takes up too much time.

I only have one thing to say about educators who try and teach all this stuff…good luck because you  could be on line twenty four seven and never catch up to all that is going on and all that you need to know to teach or learn your craft.  It is comparable to a bowl of mercury.

Moore’s law is a great example of how everything is speeding up and doubling at the rate of every two years and is not expected to slow down until 2015.  Will we then be able to breathe a little and just operate with what we have?  The continuation of all this proliferation of software development in some ways mirrors our capitalistic thinking processes and in some ways mirrors our intellectual searching for newer and better and more improved.  But my question is when is Web 3.0 coming?

This question is a direct result of the conditioning I have been under over the past twenty years or so to be on the edge of technology.  However, today I am simply not buying into all the newness.  I utilize tools that have been standardized such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver.  I try not to make a fuss about their dashboard changes every two years.  I even do not buy the latest and greatest software versions anymore.  My money software program is officially five years old.  Who cares if the company is going out of business or that the software is being discontinued.

As for interactivity and storytelling I believe that concepts will repeat themselves eventually.  Just like in the art world where an artist appropriates from another artist.

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2 Responses
  1. gcheong says:

    I agree that the plethora of new things might seem overwhelming rather than helpful. I’d rather think, “hmm… I wish I could ” and then find a multimedia tool that might accomplish it, rather than figuring out a use for a thousand different new tools.

  2. sblaher says:

    Yeah, I definitely think it has to be more of a “this is what I want to do, now what do I need to do it?” philosophy over a “tell me what I can do then I’ll choose what I actually want to do.” When you look at it that way all of the tools are actually kind of nice to have because the provide users with endless variations so that visitors to sites or viewers of digital stories get to see new and interesting ways of doing things rather than the same old thing. This is actually fairly useful in telling digital stories as it allows the creator (writer?) to provide users with something they’ll be interested in rather than get bored with twenty seconds in.