In general, I am feeling good about the progress of my digital story. A couple of the significant challenges involve my technical abilities. I have found that as I get better using some of the image-editing software, the visual style of my story is changing. I am trying to maintain a consistent visual style throughout, but it is hard once I realize some cool things that I can do with simple programs like MS Paint. Still, I think I’ve come up with a visual style that I can live with.

I am also finding Windows Movie Maker frustrating at times. The program isn’t very flexible in terms of an editing platform. For example, it doesn’t allow blank spaces in the visual timeline. There are times when I know the image I would like to show at 1.22 sec and the image I would like to show at 1.45 seconds, but I have to have a placeholder image in the middle or else the timeline “collapses” into the empty space.

All things considered, I feel like I am “on track” with my project.

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4 Responses
  1. jhubai says:

    What do you mean by “blank spaces”? Just a black or white background with nothing going on? Or something else? I’m just trying to understand because maybe someone might have a creative suggestions on how to fill that space.

  2. mbergman says:

    There are moments where i have the audio portion of my video fixed but don’t yet have the visuals to go with it. The program doesn’t like this and won’t allow for blank spaces in the visual time-line. For example, let’s say I know what I want for the audio portion of my program from 3:00 – 3:30 know what I want for the audio AND visual portion from 3:30 – 4:00. If I try to place a visual element at 3:30 with a “blank space” behind it, WMM will attach the visual element to the last visual entry. It won’t “stick” at 3:30. Frustrating……

  3. dcook6 says:

    Learning the technical skills is definitely a challenge, especially when it alters the concept of your DST. I feel like my limited skill set is preventing me from understanding what is, and is not, realistic for my DST. I’ve had to be flexible with my mental vision of my DST, as well as not let my expectations get too high since I know this is a learning process.

    I’m also using Movie Maker, so it’s good to read feedback about the software. Hopefully we can email each other if we are having basic user issues or looking for a resolution.

  4. mbergman says:

    Definitely! When it comes to tech issues like this, two heads are better than one.