More challenges than progress at this point

The concept for my final has gone through several evolutions since my original idea pitch, so one of the main challenges I’ve faced is to keep evolving my concept of visuals, dialogue, and audience with each modification of my idea. Originally, I planned to do a historiography of the Sandro Botticelli’s painting, Primavera.  While this may make for a great research paper, it wasn’t translating as well to a digital story. The main challenge was a lack of visual imagery to span the in-depth research that would be necessary to narrate. Overall, the digital story ran the risk of being flat and monotonous. The next evolution of my idea consisted of lightening up the amount of information presented, and approaching the delivery through the concept of a mystery. This opened up the potential for more visual variety, but the variety would come in the form of text shots, not imagery, and the script was still too long to fit the ten minute format.  So now I have arrived at approaching the topic from the perspective of a Why Done It (playing on the concept of a Who Done It).  It will be presented as a court case, with the attorney bringing ‘expert testimony’ to the stand to interpret the painting. This alters the original idea pitch in that it not only presents a surface level introduction to Primavera’s interpretations, but it also introduces critical thinking about what makes someone an ‘expert’ and how art historians form new theories/hypotheses regarding art. Thus, my audience has changed from a scholarly body of viewers, to a more general audience who are new to the study of art history.

The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been really helpful, but I feel like I won’t know if I’m on target until I actually start seeing all the pieces come together in production. Being new to DST, I don’t have a good handle on the technical knowledge yet, so I’m not sure how long it will take me to do each part. I plan to get the parts that need to be coordinated done first, such as recording the voice over dialogue. I have a feeling everything will take twice as long as I anticipate. My biggest concern is how to deal with any unforeseen issues that may crop up in the week or two before final presentations.

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2 Responses
  1. cjames says:

    I love the ‘whydoneit’ idea. If you still want a hand with narration tonight, I could take a look at what you have so far – if you feel comfortable sharing your work at this point.

  2. mplumb says:

    I definitely agree with the time it takes to do some of these things. If you haven’t worked in this medium before, it’s difficult to anticipate just how long all of the editing takes and how long the various digital components take to produce!