Progress and challenges

At this point, I have already captured about six hours of footage, including the first round of interviews and the one-to-one multisensory lessons.  I have pulled out themes from the collective interviews and moved footage to corresponding files labeled with those themes.  This has helped me to synthesize the most important comments from each student and to better capture the most the essence of each question.  The camera work for the interviews was very easy as I simply put the camcorder on the tripod and hit record.  

The challenge has come about with regard to the camera work in the multisensory lessons.  Because I am trying to capture the student playing, as well as what is on the projector screen, as well as interact with the student it is difficult just to leave the camcorder on the tripod.  I found that I have to hold it and move around, which makes editing difficult because there is so much moving around on the screen.  I am trying to find ways around this by simply moving the camera around on the tripod just to change the angles from time to time. 

Tomorrow night I am having the students interact with the multisensory approach in a master class setting with other students and faculty, and I am looking forward to the feedback provided by the audience members.  In general, editing is taking quite a bit of time, but I am learning to work between Windows Movie Maker and Corel Video Pro.

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3 Responses
  1. Chris King says:

    Have you considered multiple cameras, Jenny? I know it’s a little late in the process (not to mention a resource issue!), but having video from several different angles on the same event editing room seems like the solution to this particular challenge. I would also like to pick your brain on Corel Video Pro, since I have not started to play with it yet.

  2. jlapple says:

    Hi Chris…I wish I had read this last night! I had a very large presentation with one camera in the back of the room. It did not capture the atmosphere of the presentation as I had hoped. I have another one in the next week or so and I think that at least having two cameras is a great idea. Thanks so much!

    Also, I am starting to get more comfortable with Corel Video Pro…perhaps we can go through it tonight. See you in class,

  3. jhubai says:

    I am glad your projecting is going well. I think it is a huge learning experience for all of us. Luckily the hand held camera feature is very popular right now! The multiple cameras is a good idea for the future. I am shooting my first interview tomorrow so I got the equipment. My biggest concern is sound. I hope it sounds ok. I have one or two friends coming with me to help so I can concentrate on the guy I am interviewing.