Project Progress

I still have a lot of work to do to bring this DST together, but I think the experience of storyboarding was extremely helpful last week.  Storyboarding exposed some elements of my script that could flow quite a bit better , and, along with comments from Dr. Schrum, helped me to realize that there needs to be more of a hook to draw viewers into the story.  The process of revising my script, in addition to thinking of different ways to make it more interesting for viewers, is something that I have been trying to focus on as I continue to compile video and images.

I also think it was very helpful to see the rubric for the first time.  I think that I have been obsessing about planning the technological aspects of the story I am telling.  While the images and videos I am gathering are going to be essential to telling my story in a digital format, the story itself is still key.  I still have a lot to do, and there are still scheduling challenges to address that may force me to scale back or remove an interview or two, but I feel as if my focus is where it should be as the story comes together in these final weeks.

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3 Responses
  1. jlapple says:

    I am also struggling with finding that unforgettable hook that will draw the viewers into the story right away. I think it is important to include the title and inquiry, but more importantly to place the viewer in the context of the film, visually and through either text or narration.

  2. jjanes says:

    I agree with your comment about the rubric! It has been so easy to get caught up in videotaping and editing and finding images, that I sometimes find myself drifting from the story that I want to tell. It’s nice to have something that reminds us that the end result is to be a story, and that things like good transition fade-outs should come secondary to that story.

  3. jlapple says:

    I is easy to get wrapped in the technical aspects of this project..and getting to a point where you are losing the story in the process. As a result, I have started each mini editing project by posing a question that I wish for the portion to answer as it relates to the story. This helps me to see each frame within the context of that inquiry and think more about how the technology can help to highlight the particular part of the story, rather than the other way around.