My Final Project

Well, my final project is moving along, somewhat slowly.  Had a slight set back yesterday with an emergency root canal, which is why this blog post is late.  I am making a movie about the Eastern Front in World War II.  I have a very definite idea of what i want to do with my project and how I want it to end up looking, which I guess is a good starting point.  Getting the reality to look like my vision has proven a little difficult from a technological standpoint.  I have most of the materials that I want to use, but getting them from one place to another and into a usable format has proven difficult.  For example, I have two movies that I plan to use short clips from, one which I own on itunes and am having difficulties getting into a format where I can slice and dice the part I want.  The other movie is in the GMU library, so I have to burn that and manipulate it.  The technology was always going to be a problem for me, I’ll just have to ask for lots of help as it moves forward.

Amazingly, I am not having issues with my subject, I am doing a good job of research and there is plenty of material out there.  I just hope that I can pull it all together without losing my sanity.  It has been awfully fun to think about history in this way, and I find myself thinking about this project and making small tweaks to my design all the time, imagining what things I can ad and where I can find things that might be helpful.  Being in class and hearing that others are in the same boat is definitely helpful, and I’ve enjoyed feedback from folks in the class.

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  1. mplumb says:

    Yikes. I would definitely say an emergency root canal definitely qualifies as a setback. I haven’t had any personal emergencies that have caused issues, but family emergencies with some of my potential interviewees and members of the preservation society I’m working with have definitely made things a little bit more difficult. Scheduling time for filming has been one of the most difficult things for me so far, because of the very short, 6 hour window to get equipment from the Star Lab.