Progress Report

I have collected a number of documentary video sources and stills which will serve as the base of my project. I have been slowly trying to replace what was scripted as voice-over narration with video clips that say a similar thing. After storyboarding, I realized that my current mash up of source clips goal may be a little too…out there? So I decided that I would like to include some interviews with experts. (I am going to the OAH anyway) Interviews will break up the clip stream, and hopefully guide my storyline.

Smashing together talking heads is familiar to me. It puts me in a comfort zone. Using experts takes the pressure off of me. I mean, they said it right? I’m just the middle man. And to be honest, this would make it look like I did more work.
My original plan was to try to use as much source material as possible. I wanted to do a sort of zen, let the sources-speak-type mash up. After story-boarding, I was afraid that it would look like I didn’t do anything but slap together some clips and maybe I would lose any semblance of an argument or thread. So, I am at a crossroads a bit…

Either I can take a risk at weird genius video editing of old footage to tell a story (fairly open to interpretation) about history and film/video, or I can err on the side of caution and have a familiar balance of sources and interviews, with a clear identifiable interpretive focus. I’m sure that the answer is somewhere in between, as usual. Isn’t Tina doing two? I think I’ll do that as well.

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4 Responses
  1. cjames says:

    Caution? Weren’t you Ms. ‘Break-the-Rules?’ Come on, I need an inspiring figure in rule-breaking. Right now, I wonder if my work is too safe. I’m hoping that I can finish a rough cut early, and see if there’s any way afterwards for me to do something daring with what I’ve already made.

  2. lparks says:

    I like the idea of editing the old footage together; it sounds really interesting. We’ve all seen a million documentaries of talking heads. It’ll be a nice change to see something original. Even if it isn’t quite what you envisioned, people will still appreciate it because it’s coming from a different angle.

  3. sblaher says:

    I have to agree that I’d like to see the weird, out there, rule breaking side of you. I know it’s easy (and safe) to just put talking heads up there and let them do the talking, but I think if you can find the way to make the mash-up have some overarching theme and goal, I’d love to see it. It’s like Laura said, we’ve all seen the talking heads. It’ll be a nice change to see what one of the non-experts has to say instead.

  4. sdouglass says:

    I am also wrestling with the idea of having talking heads, because my timing is tight and I have to trim the clips that I have both internally and on both ends. The value of someone else corroborating is definitely high, though.