Project Progress Report

So far I think my project is coming along well. Almost all my images have been scanned and organized. I spent the weekend with my grandfather (one of the main characters in my video), and was able to scan a bunch of his photographs and talk to him about his experiences in college and in WWII. He actually had a lot more photos than I had thought he would and they were about a broader range of topics that I expected. I was actually able to find photos for just about everything I had wanted to talk about in the video, which was surprising. The only thing I have left to do for the images is to find some generic images from WWII (probably from the Library of Congress and the National Archives websites), scan some of the letters and postcards that I’m quoting from, and get a few snapshots of my family now.

The final script isn’t quite as far along. I have the overarching narration finished, but I haven’t finalized the excerpts that I’m going to be using from the WWII letters and battle histories. I know the type of quotes I want to use and I have a general idea of where in the letters and books those topics are; it’s just a matter of sitting down and carefully reading through everything. Fortunately, the letters the I’m quoting have already been typed up in manuscript form, so it’s fairly easy to read through them.

I’m not too worried about putting everything together. I’ve played around with Movie Maker a little bit, and it seems pretty user-friendly (despite the fact that I have absolutely no technological capabilities, whatsoever). I should be able to get the images, text, and background music organized without any trouble. I’m more concerned about recording and editing the narration. I think I’ll just have to come in early a few times and use some of the microphones in the lab.

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  1. sblaher says:

    I’m glad to hear you got more than you were expecting from your grandfather. That definitely helps your worry as far as not having the photos. Just a word of advice with the script would be to not wait too long to sit down and actually write it out. I’ve already done it the first time, re-written it completely twice and I’m going to have to rewrite at least parts of it at least once more before I’m even ready to record. Otherwise I think you’re on a roll. I can’t wait to see you finished product.