Update on project

So far, DST seems frightful. The technical aspects do not intimidate me, in fact, they are a nice outlet for my creative juices. But my personality is so geared to being a team player, to delegate tasks when I have been in roles of leadership, that I would rather be the quiet one working hard behind the scenes. DST forces you forward to an uncomfortable degree. I have debated whether I want someone else’s voice narrating; but in the end, it is still my name on the project. I often hear of a director’s worst moments occurring during the test-screening of their film, and their best moment is when that film received a rousing ovation.

So, as I approach the film, my best bet is to not focus on the credits at the end of the film, or the film’s screening, but rather the message of the film: that the quietest voices can often be heard the most. That human oppression appears in many ways, can target any group, and can take place anywhere.

Finding images is not too terribly difficult, video footage is a bit trickier. If there is any part of my project I regret (at this point) not giving as much attention to…it is the research. Hopefully the next few weeks will allow me to increase my research, and begin the creation process in full earnest. Perhaps the storm that awaits will keep my fears at bay.

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  1. jgiampa says:

    As a teacher I understand delegation. What this project has pushed me to do is get back in the driver seat and actually get my hands dirty. I too long have been watching on the sidelines and delegating. I love the play.