Editing w/ Moviemaker & Audacity

Yesterday I worked for many hours assembling my images in preliminary sequence. I went through the tutorial again (Grandpa’s Skateboard movie is a real thriller) and then used Help to figure out what I didn’t get. It isn’t that I am so fabulous at this, but Moviemaker is really limited in what it can do. Image credits are piling up as I grab Google images for this and that. I am worried that the image sequencing and transitions might stretch out the timing.
I also found out that I cannot save PPT animations on titles as a movie (I will check on Office 2007), which I don’t have at home, but I do have the titles done already, and hopefully they look OK even without animation. I saved them as jpeg files.

I recorded the narration and learned how to edit it in Audacity (if I can do it, you can!), but having figured out that the timing works, I need to re-record it because I think the delivery is flat. It might help to stand up as if speaking before a group. I will try to do this early one morning next week, and then edit the recording again. Then again, I don’t know whether it is smarter to time the visual flow first, and then sychronize the narration to it, or the opposite. Any advice is appreciated.

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