Project Update

I am adding a new project update as I wanted to after the filming and the interview.  The interview went really well.  He had me and my friend with tears in our eyes twice.  Those were the defining moments of the interview. He provided me with some information I knew and a lot of background information on African Americans in the military.  I knew much of this but not all of it.  I did not know that the barracks in Devens in 1942 were segregated and that southern officers served the black units at Devens.  It was really cool to hear the perspective of the civil rights movement from a man who believes his generation really got the movement rolling.  I was happy with myself and how I conducted the interview.  Only once did I feel like my question was a little lame but it didn’t last long.  There were definitely things I could improve on.  Two cameras would have been nice.    He was so expressive with his hands and  did nto know this until we started interviewing.  I missed a lot of that because I was more focused on his head.  But had I pulled the shot back to include his hands then I would have had to contend with the window in the hallway that would have thrown the exposure off.  Also, the light switch behind his head was a little annoying.  At one point he received a phone call and I had to adjust the camera because he moved a bit too far over.  And he slowly leaned more to one side in the course of the interview.  I have not played back the interview yet so I am not sure of the quality.  My friend was in charge of making sure audio was going through the lavalier.  She said it was and I trust her!

The guy who helps me with camera work at Devens could not come help so I was on my own.  It should be interested!  I threw the lav on myself and talked about the sites and my thoughts as I was shooting, not so much to include in the film but more for my thoughts while I was shooting.  I took some old photographs with me to try to get some before and after shots.  I used the film camera instead of a traditional still camera for these shots on the camera was out and the tape was already paid for.  Oh, this is funny.  I thought I would shoot some interview footage of myself just to see how it would come out.  So I set the camera on the picnic table and hoped my head made it in the shot.  It did!  But I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction that I noticed when I went back to see if my head was in the shot.  haha.  That will remain in the archives.  I know need to go to the star lab and transfer the tape.

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