Final Summary

Digital Story Title:
Painting Anthropology: An archaeological dig into the working mind of a painter.

Brief description:
This video is an attempt to establish a visual link between the artist and the viewer into the working mind of a studio painter.  The research for this project includes:

  • A three week documentary session in the studio of a working painter
  • Neurasthetics (art as an extension of the functions of the brain) in order to explain and understand the aesthetic experiences of how the artist formulates her synesthetic imagery.
  • Synesthesia is (the intercorrelation of the four modes of human consciousness: thought, intuition, emotion, and sensation) is explained throughout the video as it unfolds in the imagery.
  • Teaching methods in the new millennium
  • Art 21 Blog

Main goal(s):

The goal of this video is to show the viewer how the artist synesthetically creates imagery in her work by establishing metaphorical (a thought about a thought) links between earth objects (pods, leaves. seeds) and situations in the her life using color, sound, and visual imagery.

Intended Audience

My intended audience is colleagues, historians, art historians, and the general public, high school history students, middle school music students, art students and anyone interested in art and how it is made.

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