Silent Voices

Digital Story Title:    Silent Voices: Mothers & Victims of Argentina’s “Dirty War”

Brief description: The story’s overall theme (perhaps, even, message) centers on how silence can serve as the most effective form of protest. The mothers of over 30,000 Argentines that became victims of the ruling junta’s persecution of political enemies began their protest amid a state of national euphoria in 1979. The goal of these mothers and grandmothers was to bring to the international community’s attention the atrocities perpetrated by the ruling junta. The celebratory tone of the nation’s first World Cup hosting, and victory, became a significant concern for the Madres & Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, many of whom were concerned by how easily the nation could become distracted from the more serious issues at hand. The fact that these mothers (and now grandmothers) continue to protest every Thursday, for 30 years, is a powerful testimony to the enduring memory of “los desaparecidos” in the collective conscious.

Main goal(s): To produce a documentary DST project that can serve as an introduction to many Americans unaware of this sad chapter in modern American history. Another goal is to create a helpful video contribution to the already expansive efforts aimed at bringing renewed attention to these HROs (Human Rights Organizations). A last goal is to create an educational tool for lessons on: Latin American history (specifically Argentina), civil disobedience, human rights abuse and genocide, and the socio-political relevance of cultural agents like soccer.

Who is your intended audience? (e.g., colleagues, historians, art historians, the general public, high school history students, middle school music students, art students. . . )

  • College and high school educators are the prime audience; specifically, teachers of elective courses, world history, Spanish, and related collegiate courses.
  • Secondary audiences include: aficionados of Latin American History and of soccer, as well as those interested in protecting human rights and supporting HROs like the Madres & Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo (which are two distinct groups)

Because the themes are heavy, the video will be housed in a more academic online forum where viewers can be cautioned about the explicit imagery found in dealing with issues of state-sponsored terrorism and political repression.

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