“Multisensory Music Making: Unleash the Power of Music Within You!”

Digital Story Title:

“Multisensory Music Making: Unleash the Power of Music Within You!”

 Brief description:

This digital story will showcase a revolutionary approach for helping musicians connect with music in ways that go beyond the notes on the page. Referred to as “multisensory music-making,” musicians interact with a combination of visual and auditory stimuli to inspire new concepts about the music they are learning.  Through this approach, musicians learn to connect with music on a deeper level and to expand their range of emotional and expressive playing.  This digital story will feature live footage of music students from George Mason University demonstrating the techniques used in this approach. 

 Main goal(s):

 This digital story will seek new ways of creating expression through the multisensory approach.  By showing the impact of music and images together and the ways they can inform the music making process, this digital story will invite viewers to experience multisensory music making as well.  Students and teachers of music will gain insight into how this approach works and the ways in which is draws upon more emotional and expressive playing throughout the creative process. 

Who is your intended audience?

This film should appeal to both music students and teachers.  Students will benefit from watching the progress of the students throughout the film and the ways in which they interact with music through this approach.  It should encourage other students to learn to express music in this way.   

Teachers will benefit from the techniques that are used in this approach to better acclimate students to the creative process of making music.  Because expression is so intangible and connecting to music beyond the notes on the page is a challenge for high school and college students, teachers will gain insight into this process as well as tangible ways for helping students create more expressive musical products. 


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