Re-inventing the lecture

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Re-inventing the lecture
Why online lectures don’t work, and what we can do about it.

Brief description:

While many who use digital technology in education are attempting new and innovative approaches to teaching over the internet, the use of videotaped lectures is still commonplace in distance education and in open education initiatives. This video argues that the lecture– a classroom technique that can be argued to be vestigial at best, even in the classroom– ought to be updated rather than reproduced in the online classroom, by paying attention to the limitations and strengths of online video as a medium.

Main goal(s):

My primary goal is to encourage people to think about the way that various media affect how we communicate, that there should be different pedagogical approaches online than in the classroom.

It seems rather obvious, but there’s also a lot of tone-deaf stuff out there. And my pet peeve is the use of recorded classroom lectures for open ed and distance learning programs.

The only thing more boring than a bad lecture is a decent lecture on Youtube.

Who is your intended audience?

People in postsecondary education interested in or involved in distance learning, open education, and edtech, Basically, the people I follow on Twitter.

More largely, grad students and people involved in postsecondary ed. People like the folks in this class.

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