Digital Story Title: Clio and the Camera

Brief description:

Clio and the Camera is the story of how historical documentaries became standardized by the 1990′s. It will explore the development of the use of historical visual and material evidence to educate and influence public opinion and argue that these developments arose from a combination of technical and economic possibilities and limitations, audience demands, and the relationship between academic history and the public.

Main goal(s):

To show patterns of innovation and standardization in a particular form of public history, film and video.

To explain how historical evidence and narrative storytelling has been used to educate and influence the public.

To trace technical developments in film and video production and assess their impact on the presentation of historical evidence and the construction of historical narratives.

Who is your intended audience?

This work is intended to be accessible to a general audience. However, it will be of specific interest to students and professionals involved in historical interpretation for a general audience, specifically those implementing multi-media for source material and presentation.

Category: Final Summary
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