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Digital Story Title:

Still untitled but used “Fort Devens: A History of Diversity, Courage and Dreams.”

Brief description:

This film is about Fort Devens in Massachusetts.  It was a base in the center of a primarily white, agrarian community.  When the base was built in 1917, it brought diversity to the area.  During World War II, civil rights and POWs brought diversity to the area.  The Army based closed in 1996 but it is being converted to a residential and business community.

Main goal(s):

Show diversity of the base.
Opened doors for African American women.

Planted seeds of change in the African American community and with German POWs.

Allowed people to begin to realize their dreams.

Who is your intended audience? (e.g., colleagues, historians, art historians, the general public, high school history students, middle school music students, art students. . . )

I was originally making this to use as a pitching tool and to send the PhD programs but I did not think I can properly do what I want to do in ten minutes.  So it is a start to that project.  The larger project is intended for the people of Massachusetts, to teach them about their history.  I am also looking to document the base so its history is not lost.

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