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Saving Buckland: The Conflict Between Historic Preservation and Progress in Northern Virginia

Brief description:

This Digital Story will focus on my own experience learning about a village in Northern Virginia named Buckland.  This collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century structures has remained remarkably intact, but it is now being threatened by infrastructure expansion and suburban sprawl like so many other historic sites in Northern Virginia.  The story will chart the rise, fall, and preservation of Buckland, in addition to discussing its potential role for interpretation and education in the community.

Main goal(s):

The main goal of this Digital Story is to educate the public about Buckland’s existence and to educate members of the community about the threats to Buckland’s survival.  I want viewers of this digital story to understand that nineteenth century Buckland was not that remarkable.  It was one of hundreds of Virginian piedmont towns that grew up along turnpikes that were used for commerce, and waterways used to power a variety of mills.  What is remarkable, and what I hope viewers walk away with, is that a large portion of this town has survived to the twenty-first century and can now play an important role in educating the public about Virginia and its place in the early republic.

Who is your intended audience? (e.g., colleagues, historians, art historians, the general public, high school history students, middle school music students, art students. . . )

The intended audience of this digital story is the general public, but also members of the public who are interested in history and historic preservation in the hopes that others will work to save historic sites in Northern Virginia.

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