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Credits Help

Anyone have any tips for credits?  Movie Maker credits are not very sophisticated.  I’m confidant I can figure something out using Photoshop and Photo Story, but I just wanted to ask around before I got my hands dirty.

Images & Voice

As we wind up (or down?) our projects I found two things some of you might find helpful: one is that for PC folks, there are some quality voice-changer software that’s free (as a Mac user, I was bummed). Not that you need to change your voice to Darth Vader or Marge Simpson, but sometimes a tweak or two can improve the narration quality.

The other was courtesy of George Oberlie (PhD student of History, who also works with the Library)–our GMU Library Online Databases contains a database called AP Images, which we have access to use freely for educational purposes. It was a godsend! Made finding images so much easier. The link will shoot you to the exact page and just scroll down.

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Interesting Software

Here is a link to some software, called Stories Matter, that Concordia University developed for oral history indexing.

This article, about the reasons and processes behind the software, also addresses some of the challenges within oral history and digital storytelling.

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Quick help…

Could I schedule an appointment with anyone in the class for a quick, one or two minute video chat on Skype?

I bought software that’s supposed to record the audio and video, but I wanna make sure it works before soliciting interviews…

Tech questions category

This new category is a place for posting/discussing/answering tech questions related to DST.

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