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Storyboard revisions and media creation

The partner feedback session last week, and the short meeting with Kelly were both very useful. Even in those few minutes I was able to see what I didn’t see by myself in terms of what’s missing, what’s too much, and what’s misplaced. Following Kelly’s advice with a kitchen timer ticking off 10 minutes, I timed the narration and doodle-oodled through the non-narration parts to sort of time them. After cutting a bunch of redundancies and excessively complex frames & text, the timing seems pretty close to 10 minutes. I may be kidding myself here, but at least it’s in the ballpark.

I have also thought through how I am going to create the media. I hope to do the narration at CHNM in the early morning using the good USB mic and Audacity, the free recording program I downloaded on Misha’s advice & handout. The idea is to create separate, numbered clips for each narration so I don’t have to chop them up later. If this is a bad idea, and might make the story choppy, will someone please let me know before I do it? Or should I just do straight narration except where it is interrupted by something else and this would make smoother transitions? Enlighten me.

I have already grabbed some video clips, and have a number of still images. I am going to work on the text titles, which I plan to make and animate in PPT. I hope this goes well. I still can’t see myself as a maestro in front of the editing console…but miracles do happen. Andrea makes it look so easy.


In general, I am feeling good about the progress of my digital story. A couple of the significant challenges involve my technical abilities. I have found that as I get better using some of the image-editing software, the visual style of my story is changing. I am trying to maintain a consistent visual style throughout, but it is hard once I realize some cool things that I can do with simple programs like MS Paint. Still, I think I’ve come up with a visual style that I can live with.

I am also finding Windows Movie Maker frustrating at times. The program isn’t very flexible in terms of an editing platform. For example, it doesn’t allow blank spaces in the visual timeline. There are times when I know the image I would like to show at 1.22 sec and the image I would like to show at 1.45 seconds, but I have to have a placeholder image in the middle or else the timeline “collapses” into the empty space.

All things considered, I feel like I am “on track” with my project.